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2023 class and competition winners now available:

Entry Forms


Registration Form One only (unless you are entering lots of models) to be handed to Registration Secretary with appropriate fee. Up to 5 models - £2. £3 for 6 or more. Junior Classes - Free. The forms will be available on the day or you can download the Registration Form here.


Entry Form An Entry Form is required for each model entered. These are to be placed beside your model on the competition tables so make sure you enter all the information about your model.You will be able to get copies of these forms on the day and complete them at the show. Please note that models entered into the competition must not be removed before the end of the show on Show Sunday. Again, these will be available on the day, but you can download the Entry Form here.

Please Note: All models exhibited at the show, or entered into competition, are placed at owners risk and remain their responsibility. 

The 2023 Class Trophies are sponsored by Scott's Models of Glasgow

Special Trophies


The Aeroclub Trophy .Best model of a light civilian or light civil transport aircraft 1920-1960

The Airfix Trophy for the best model from an Airfix kit.  Winner will receive £250 worth of Airfix products, kindly sponsored by Airfix

The Alistair Young Memorial Trophy for the best Luftwaffe model, 1933 - 1945.

The Angie Barker Memorial Trophy will be presented annually to the best model with a Scottish theme.

The AMS Trophy for the best club Display

The Barry Olssen Memorial Trophy. Sponsored, and judged by, the Ayrshire Scale Modelling Group. For Best Civil Vehicle at the show, excluding models entered into competition.

The Bill Ireland Memorial Trophy for the best model of a military vehicle in British service.

The BlackMike Models Trophy for the Best SIG Display

The Carmichael Trophy for the best military vehicle not in British service.

The Dave Lindsay Memorial Trophy for the best WWII Pacific Theatre aircraft.

The Friendship Models Trophy for the best model entered by a lady modeller

The Glasgow IPMS Trophy for the best civil aircraft.

The Ian Jamieson Trophy for best figure/bust

IPMS-UK Trophy - Awarded annually to the best model of a British subject. This trophy is not confined to competition models i.e. It can be awarded to a model from anywhere in the show hall.

The John Milne Memorial Trophy. Sponsored by John's family, this trophy is for Best Post-War Royal Air Force Aircraft. 

The John Wood Memorial Trophy for the best Fixed Wing Maritime Aircraft in the show, any scale.

The Lothian Trophy for the best ship

The Modeller Trophy for the best Sci-Fi model.

The Norman Douglas Trophy for the best modified car or motorcycle.

The Petunia Bowl for the model with the "Most Pernickety" piece of detailing.

The Revell Trophy for the best model from a Revell kit.

The Roy Coddington Memorial Trophy for Small Scale Military Vehicles, either scratch built or converted models, up to 1/72nd scale.

The SAM Trophy for the best British designed aircraft

The Scratchbuilt Trophy for the best scratch built model.

The Steve Cruickshank Memorial Trophy for the best Engineering/Recovery Vehicle 

The Stirling Trophy for the best civil vehicle

The Suomi Trophy for the best model of a Finnish subject.

The Tayside Trophy for the best diorama

The Wallace Trophy for the best Scottish theme

The "What If" Trophy for the best concept model.

Junior Best In Show

Senior Best In Show


Classes (a .pdf list is available here)

2022 page 2_edited_1.png


All models will conform to the following definitions and rules. 



1. Figures - In all classes except dioramas, each entry may be displayed with EITHER the crew members and/or passengers (who must be in or on the aircraft/vehicle etc) OR with one figure on the base to indicate scale … NOT both. Figures placed on/in the aircraft/vehicle and on the base shall mean that the entry is classed as a diorama. Figures may be from any source. In the Standard Kit (SK) classes only, those figures provided with the kit can be used

2. Standard Kit (SK) - A single, commercially produced injection moulded plastic or resin kit, built to the manufacturer's specifications, straight from box. Seatbelts, rigging and aerials may be added as appropriate to the subject. No opened cockpits or hatches are allowed unless it is an option in the kit. Changes in colour scheme and aftermarket decals are permitted e.g. Me109 from German to Spanish markings.


3. Any Source Detailed (ASD) - A Standard Kit that has additional detailing added from commercial sources and/or significant detail built by the modeller. This definition also includes any kit parts re-located or re-worked by the modeller. Cockpits may be opened and any open hatches, wing/rotor folds or bomb bays provided as options in the original kit are allowable in this class and may be detailed.

4. Any Source Converted (ASC) - This is a model that is built to a specification or variant other than that intended by the manufacturer. Commercial, non-commercial and/or scratch built parts may be used. A change of colour scheme and/or decals shall not constitute a conversion, regardless of any change of designation to the model. A converted model may be detailed to any level desired by the modeller.

5. Vacformed (V) - A commercial kit where the main body parts and/or flying surfaces are of vac-formed plastic, but it can contain any other detailed parts from any source. These kits may be detailed to any level desired by the modeller.

6. Scratch built (S) - A model constructed where the main body parts and/or flying surfaces are home-made or vac-formed plastic, other than of a commercial nature. The basic structure should be of plastic although a supporting (wooden) core is permitted. A scratch built model may be detailed to any level desired by the modeller.

7. Bases and Cases - Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not be considered in the judging except dioramas. The base will not be larger than 1.5 times the model size. Any base over 4 sq. feet (0.327 sq. metres) must be pre-registered with the Competition Secretary and approved before the date of the Competition. A base may simulate the natural surface on which the prototype may be found to show the subject in context for example uneven ground to show vehicle suspension deflected, runway markings etc. A small amount of natural surroundings is also allowed but this may not deflect from being able to see all sides of the model. Aircraft requiring beaching gear or trolleys may be so equipped. Ships may be displayed on water, but dry-docks are not allowed. Glass cases are permissible for public viewing periods but, with the exception of the ship classes, must be removed by the entrant for judging and photography purposes. Failure to comply may mean entries are not judged and/or awards withdrawn.


8. Dioramas - A diorama shall be defined as one or more items (not necessarily from the same class) on a scenic base, with or without figures, conveying a specific theme or real life situation. Diorama base sizes exceeding 4 sq. feet (0.327 sq. metres) must be pre-registered and approved by the Competition Secretary. If an entry contains major elements from more than one class (except for vehicles shown with their normal load) it will be a diorama.



1. All models must be the handiwork of the entrant only.

2. All models are to be constructed as stated and defined. Metal foil, wood, veneer, paper, cloth, decal or other material may be used to cover the model to represent a particular finish. Such coverings should be cosmetic, not structural.

3. No model that has previously received an award in the SNSMS Competition can be re-entered into the SNSMS Competition

4. In Classes consisting of less than three entries, other than the winner, awards will be made at the Judges' discretion (except for the Junior Category).

5. Any Entrant shall have the right to bring to the attention of the Competition Secretary any infringement of the Competition Rules, providing such notice is given prior to the commencement of Judging. However, on any point of contention, the Competition Secretary's ruling shall be final.

6. Junior Classes are open to anyone who is under the age of 18 on the day of the Competition

7. Models must be registered and placed on the competition tables by 14.00 on the Saturday. Models should not be removed from the competition tables before 1600 on the Sunday without the prior approval of the Competition Secretary. Any model removed from the tables without prior agreement will be subject to disqualification.

8. The Competition Secretary reserves the right to remove any entry which may cause dispute or offence.

9 Correspondence after the event on rule infringements or the published results will not be entered into.

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