2023 Organizing Team

Chairman    Gordon Short - IPMS East Neuk  IPMS Dundee
Jim Thomson
Vice Chairman   Kevin Wilson - 
IPMS Dundee

Treasurer    Malcolm Rigby - Stirling and District Modelling Society

Show Coordinator - Robbie Duff - IPMS Highland Branch/Kinloss & Forres Model Club

Assistant Show Manager    Position Vacant

Trader Liaison    Kevin Wilson - IPMS Dundee

Exhibitor Liaison    Sandy Brown - Aberdeen Modellers Society/IPMS Aberdeen 

Competition Secretary   Jim Thomson
Kit Swap Manager    Mick Reily - Glasgow IPMS
Publicity    Alastair Maclean - IPMS Dundee

Social Media   Mick Riley - Glasgow IPMS

Webmaster    Tom Heywood - Aberdeen Modellers Society/IPMS Aberdeen  

                                           The Scottish National Scale Model Show

                                                                                  Role Responsibilities - Organising Team


Abbreviations used
‘SNSMS’ = Scottish National Scale Model Show
‘OT’ = Organising Team

Background: The SNSMS OT are modellers who voluntarily organise SNSMS without favour or bias to any individual, group, or vested interest, with the exception of the community of fellow modellers on whose behalf they act, through  investment of considerable time and effort.

The Scottish National Scale Model Show is principally a national showcase of the talent evident within the Scottish Plastic Model Making Community. Additionally, we (The Scottish Plastic Model Making Community) extend an invitation to, and welcome, guest exhibitors from further afield, plus trade participation.

The aim of the event is primarily to provide a showcase for Scottish based talent, and that of our visitors. It is an annual gathering of like-minded people, bearing in mind that it is the only show that many attend.  Additionally, we aim to promote and encourage participation in the hobby of Plastic Model Making.

Planning, organisation and running of the show is a large annual project. Although not a commercial profit orientated undertaking, the show must be run on a professional commercial basis since it is effectively an annual 2-day business with attendant considerations. 


Potential volunteers for the OT should give due and appropriate consideration to the level of commitment in terms of time and effort required as there is considerable expectation and trust placed on the OT. The personal commitment should not be underestimated, and is likely to exceed a period of 150 hours per year.

All members of the OT have an equal voice, and decisions are taken on a basis that ‘Silence is acceptance’.

Volunteer post holders are expected to hold posts for a minimum period of 3 completed shows.

Please Note: Although the following Job Descriptions apportion functional responsibilities as appropriate across the Post Holders, overlap in carrying out the listed actions can, and does occur, as does a post holder carrying out the specific action of another post holder. Flexibility is required and expected.

All Post holders should have knowledge of other Post Holder duties, particularly where there are shared duties, such as monitoring SNSMS for trip or other hazards.


                                                                                             Role Responsibilities

General - The post of Chairperson requires a person who preferably has a sound professional background and experience and expertise within the sphere of Business and / or Enterprise Management. Ideally, will have proven experience of Project Management, and will be a skilled written and oral communicator possessed of Leadership Skills. 
The post requires a commensurate level of poise and decorum.
Flexibility is a key requirement, and the post holder must be prepared to provide additional capacity to that of other post holders as required, and react to changing priorities and / or emergent issues as they occur. 

Duties – 
•    Formulates and communicates higher level strategy to the OT in setting the approach to, and tone of, the SNSMS. Consults, agrees, and if necessary, modifies that strategy with the OT functional post holders, and agrees the means and approach to translation of the strategy into appropriate action(s).
•    Formulates, agrees, and publishes the SNSMS Project plan by most appropriate means.
•    Maintains an overview of the project plan, tracks progress, and intervenes if necessary.
•    Instigates and chairs meetings of the SNSMS OT at a frequency appropriate to project milestone reviews, and / or dealing with changing priorities or emergent issues.
•    Acts as the ‘Public face’ of SNSMS and as an ambassador to, the Scottish Plastic Model Making Community.
•    Provides additional functional capacity as required.
•    Ensures that prudency is exercised in financial expenditure and tracks overall costs. Instigates review of the level of charges related to income sources.
•    Ensures that best practise is being observed in terms of functional action(s) and OT decorum.
•    Negotiates, organises and hosts the Show Dinner.
•    Negotiates, and signs contract with host venue, and carries out liaison with same.
•    Strives to ensure that OT interaction with the wider Scottish Plastic Model Making Community is conducted professionally, and that relationships are maintained at as high a level as possible.

Treasurer: (As at 2016, also holds the Post of Deputy Chairperson)
General – The position of Treasurer is one of trust, thus requiring a person of high personal integrity. The post requires a level of Financial Accountancy Skills commensurate with production of Annual Financial Accounts and Statements. Additionally, the Treasurer will maintain OT financial protocols in terms of budgeting, levels of expenditure, and monitoring the availability of sufficient funds for the next annual SNSMS.
Duties –
•    Maintains an overview of current workload / responsibilities of the Chairperson, and is prepared to assume his / her duties should that be required.
(AS of 2016, the current Treasurer has a secondary role of Deputy Chairperson)
•    Ensures that financial provision is made in a timely manner to support functional actions in the lead-in to the current show.
•    Ensures that Public Liability Insurance (£5M GBP) is secured prior to current SNSMS.
•    Ensures that a current and valid Market Operator License is held, and ensures compliance with related Local Authority Requirements.
•    Organises and books venue for meetings of SNSMS OT, and the Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Plastic Model Making Clubs. 
•    Settles all outstanding invoices post-show within appropriate timescales.
•    Keeps track of expenditure and provides appropriate statements in lead-in to current SNSMS in terms of Budgeting / Financial Outlay.
•    Influences prudency in Financial Outlay.
•    Ascertains the numbers of Scottish Club members for whom ticketed, free, entry is requested.
•    Shall organise Complimentary Ticket(s) for invited Special Guests.
•    Provides finance to support set-up and running of current SNSMS in terms of emergent expenditure.
•    Provides floats and additional funding to support the Tombola, Entrance Desk, Competition area, and Kit Swap during current SNSMS.
•    Keeps track of numbers of paying members of public attending current SNSMS.
•    Collects, counts, and secures income during, and at cessation of, current SNSMS: Entrance Desk; Tombola; Kit Swap; Trader fees; Competition Registration Fees.
•    Prepares and issues Annual Financial Accounts.
•    Prepares and issues Annual Financial Statement.
•    Provides Financial Report at Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Plastic Model Making Clubs.

Show Manager:
General – The Show Manager requires Negotiation, Project Management, Floorplan Layout Design, Risk Assessment and well-developed Communication Skills, along with knowledge of Legal considerations associated with running a public event, including those associated with staging and running children’s activities. Working in conjunction with other functional post holders, the post covers management of SNSMS Layout: Design; Setting-up; Maintaining; Health / Safety; and Tear -Down procedures and processes.
Duties - 
•    Maintains SNSMS Vehicle Management Procedure, and associated Risk assessment. Briefs and ensures understanding of procedure to incoming / outgoing vehicle drivers, and / or those supervising ingress / egress. Ensures compliance with venue policy and procedure associated with Vehicle Management.
•    Ensures provision of Fire-Fighting equipment, and High Visibility clothing associated with Vehicle Management.
•    Maintains SNSMS General Risk Assessment which is required to underpin provision of Event 1st Aid, and which may be required for Local, or other  Authority purposes. 
•    Ensures that venue is legally compliant in terms of Fire Evacuation Alarm System, Routes, and Signage. 
•    Ensures that venue infrastructure and show layout supports Disabled Access particularly for Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter users.
•    Negotiates and organises provision of Event 1st Aid.
•    Works with Treasurer to ensure currency, validity, and compliance with Market Operator License.
•    Working with the Honorary Secretary and Trader Liaison Manager, determines, negotiates and contracts hire provision and uplift of an appropriate number of tables.
•    Designs Show Layout ensuring that the requirements of Traders and Exhibitors are met, that evacuation and transit routes are appropriate and legally compliant, and that the needs of Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter users are met.
Requirements shall include provision and siting of appropriate signage and, as required, electrical power. 
•    Designs and organises production of show signage, or organises purchase of ‘off the shelf’ items. Signage shall include customer-facing information.
•    Along with the other OT members, shall monitor building of displays, including trade stock, to ensure stability and avoidance of falling objects, or existence of trip hazards.
•    Along with other OT members, shall monitor the venue for slip / fall hazards, or breakdowns in venue or show infrastructure which could lead to injury.
•    Along with other OT members, shall resolve emergent issues connected to the SNSMS layout and infrastructure.
•    Manages building of show layout.
•    Designs, communicates and manages Show Tear-Down process
•    Along with other Post Holders, ensures that halls are cleared and secured at end of set-up day, and day one of SNSMS.


Honorary Secretary:
General – The Honorary Secretary is principally involved with written communication both within the OT, and to the wider Scottish Plastic Model Making Community, and beyond, with attendant skills needs.
Duties – 
•    Compiles and distributes Agenda and Minutes for meetings of the SNSMS OT, and the Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Plastic Model Making related Clubs.
•    Communicates information, such as Newsletters, and SNSMS related information, to the Scottish Model Making Community, and beyond (To Guest Visitors and others) as required.
•    Issues ‘Invitations to Exhibit’ in the lead-in to the next SNSMS, (No later than end of January) and determines Exhibitor table needs, which are collated and communicated to the Show Manager for SNSMS Floorplan design purposes.
•    Issues follow-on communications to exhibitors.
•    At SNSMS, shall monitor stability / configuration of exhibits aiming to avoid falling objects, possible instances of impact, (For instance, objects jutting out into clearways) or trip hazards.


Publicity Manager:
General – The Publicity Manager organises advertisement / projection of SNSMS, in both print / radio media, and online, with attendant skills needs.
Duties –
•    Organises production of Flyers in the Autumn of the year preceding next SNSMS so that they will be available for distribution at Autumn Scottish shows, and IPMS-UK Scale Model World.
•    Distributes Flyers to all Scottish Plastic Model Making related Clubs, and to willing trade outlets, early in the year leading up to next SNSMS. These shall be for wider, local distribution.  
•    Contacts Plastic Model Making related media, (Magazines) Online Forums, and Webmasters of Scottish Plastic Model Making related Clubs with Club websites which list  Shows, circa November of the year preceding next SNSMS in order to request listing on their Show Guide. Any contact with print media must bear in mind editorial ‘lag’ between contact and publication dates.
•    Contacts selected Plastic Model Making related media (Magazines) in order to ascertain costs associated with running SNSMS Flyer based advertisements, and must bear in mind editorial ‘lag’ between contact and publication dates.
•    Compiles a SNSMS fact based advertisement and contacts local media (Newspapers [Including their online editions] and Local radio) in order to ascertain advertisement costs in order that an informed decision can be made regarding placement in the period immediately before SNSMS commencement.
•    As needs arise, shall organise a SNSMS ‘Exit Survey’ in order to determine where visitor awareness of SNSMS came from. This will aim to assist in determining ROI on advertisement. 


Trader Liaison Manager:
General – The Trader Liaison Manager is the link between SNSMS and our colleagues who operate (generally) model making related trade outlets. Ideally, the Post Holder will be able to visit other UK shows, such as Scale Model World, in order to recruit traders through face-to-face negotiation of participation at SNSMS. The Post holder requires Negotiation and General Communication Skills.
Duties –
•    Approaches appropriate traders, ensuring that there is minimal competition between specialist outlets. The exception is general kit sellers, and sellers of second hand goods, of which there may be multiple outlets.
•    Sells trading space on a basis of frontage governed by the size of tables hired for SNSMS at the prevailing financial rate per table, and number of show days being attended. (Some traders only attend for one day out of two.) Where traders have their own display frontage infrastructure, costs shall be derived from equivalent dimensions related to a number of SNSMS tables.
•    Shall communicate SNSMS related information to Traders.
•    Liaises with Show Manager in terms of frontage  / number of tables required, including the tables used for stock storage / display to the rear and possibly side of the stall, along with any requirement for power or other special need(s) in order to inform design of the SNSMS Floorplan and hire of appropriate number of tables.
•    Along with other Post Holders, shall monitor stability of trade stock aiming to avoid falling / toppling objects. Additionally, monitoring shall be carried out in order to avoid instances of trip or collision hazards associated with trade stock sitting on the floor or jutting out into clearways.
•    Liaises with traders and along with other Post Holders, as required, seeks to deal with any emergent issues raised by the traders.
•    Assists the Treasurer to collect Trader Fees on show Sunday, and seeks general feedback from the Traders.


Social Media Manager:
General – The Social Media Manager operates the Social Media element of the gateway to the SNSMS in terms of conveying, or receiving, information. The skills and knowledge required to operate and apply governance to Social Media is vital to this post.
Duties - 
•    Organises the issue of SNSMS related announcements such as news and basic SNSMS facts.
•    Liaises with the OT with regard to incoming requests, questions, or other messages, in order to ensure that a correct, timely response is given.
•    Ensures that the Ground Rules for acceptance to, and continuing access to the media outlets are upheld.
•    Ensures the expansion of the SNSMS Network through timely responses.

General – The webmaster operates the other element of the gateway to SNSMS through maintenance of the Show Website, thus providing vital base information related to the show for reference by site visitors. Additionally, this media provides historic photographic coverage of previous shows, and annually, a listing of Special Trophy Winners. The Skills and Knowledge required to develop and update a website is vital to this post. 
Duties – 
•    Ensuring that page content is accurate and current.
•    Development and addition of additional page(s) as is required.
•    Ensuring that Annual Fees associated with the website are settled in a timely manner.
•    Ensures that the website e-mail contact facility is directed to the appropriate SNSMS OT Post Holder.


Kit Swap Manager:
General - The Kit Swap Manager Manages, and with co-opted assistance, administers and runs the SNSMS Kit Swap. The Post Holder requires to have well developed Organisational, Administrative, and Communication Skills.
Duties – 
•    Receipts ‘stock’, taking note of Owner, and Requested Sale Price, while ensuring that the maximum daily entry of 20 (Individual) items is not exceeded.
•    Ensures that ‘stock’ is stacked in a stable and safe manner, and in a manner which seeks to avoid damage to the items, and provides equal prominence, as far as is possible.
•    Collects the fee related to entry of items into Kit Swap.
•    Where bargaining on price is encountered, shall direct the individual to the item owner.
•    Maintains a tally of sales on behalf of each owner of goods entered. 
•    Upon cessation, shall return unsold items to the owner and shall deduct a percentage of the overall sales(s) financial total, at the prevailing rate of deduction, and shall provide the balance to the owner.
•    Shall transfer entry fees, and income from sales percentage deduction, to Treasurer.

Competition Secretary:
General – Owing to the extent of the workload associated with organising and running the SNSMS Competition, this is a dual populated post. Both Post Holders require to have well-developed Organisational, Administrative, and Communication skills.
Duties –
•    Keeps track of SNSMS Special Trophies and organises retrieval of these in a timely manner for use at next show.
•    Monitors condition of Special Trophies and instigates repair or replacement as required.
•    Special Trophies are cleaned / polished as required.
•    Selects and organises purchase of Class Winner Trophies, along with appropriately scripted engraving.
•    Monitors stock holdings of Rosettes, and organises purchase of new stock as required.
•    Ensures that sufficient stocks of Documents associated with Competition Registration and Judging are held.
•    Ensures that appropriate signage is available and used within the Competition Area, including information for Registrants.
•    Organises covering of Competition Tables, and allocates an area for each individual class so as to minimise or eliminate the possibility of having to move models entered into competition.
•    Administers Competition Registration, including appropriate registration fee, and provides advice to registrants on the process to be followed.
•    After closure of the registration process, ensures that fee money is passed to Treasurer.
•    Monitors eligibility for special trophies.
•    Monitors entry / placement of models into the correct class.
•    Plays a part in monitoring visitors to the Competition area, particularly those with Rucksacks, Shoulder Bags, and Hanging Cameras, in order to avoid damage being inflicted on models placed into competition. 
•    Closes access to the registration process at 2 pm sharp on Saturday.
•    Through a process of voluntary availability, or through solicitation, ensures that an appropriate group of judges is available for both Competition Classes and Special Trophies.
•    Gathers judges to allow the Competition Class Winner judging process to begin at 3 pm on Saturday, and physically closes access to the Competition area. Ascertains that judges are not judging an entry belonging to a compatriot, and requests a declaration of potential conflict(s) of interest.
•    Takes appropriate steps to ensure that the Class Winner judging process is completed by 5 pm on Saturday. 
•    Upon conclusion of judging of classes, places appropriate Rosette(s) and Class Winner Trophies at appropriate locations. Creates a log of Class Placings.

•    Gathers judges for judging of Special Trophies, including Junior and Senior ‘Best in Show’ commencing the process at 9 am, or other agreed time, on Sunday. Takes note of decisions for use at Prize Giving.
•    Ensures availability of a photographer for photographs of Special trophy Presentations. 
•    With an aim of being ready to commence Prize Giving at 3.30 pm, organises Special Trophies into the order of presentation, which shall correspond to the list provided to the Announcer.
The List to be used by the Announcer shall detail the Trophy Name, The Recipients Name, and details (Name or title) of the winning model / piece. Competition Secretary should pass the appropriate trophy to the Guest Presenter immediately prior to the winner announcement.  
•    Post-show, organises upload of relevant photographs and a list of Special Trophy winners to the SNSMS website. 


All members of SNSMS OT – General Duties
Duties at SNSMS – 
(These may be out with the Functional Post Holders own area(s) of responsibility, but can / must be dealt with by any OT member, depending on circumstances or urgency, or through seeking advice from the appropriate Post Holder) 
•    Provide information / assistance to Exhibitors, Traders, and Show Visitors / Guests.
•    Be prepared to liaise with venue staff on matters which only they can resolve such as emergent trip hazards, condition of ‘facilities’ and so on.
•    Provide assistance to other Functional Post Holders as required.
•    Monitoring of clearways to ensure that they remain clear, and that no trip, slip, or fall related hazards exist. General monitoring of display and trade stock height and stability in order to avoid hazards created by falling or toppling items.