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The Kit Swap


The purpose of a Kit Swap is to help fellow modellers recycle some of their once-loved kits into cash, in a central area, set aside for this purpose. This allows potential purchasers to seek out cheaper (usually) or sometimes rarer items, and the aisles and exhibitor tables at the Show would not be cluttered with assorted boxes full of second hand kits. The paying public are more interested in seeing displays of built models and not boxes of unbuilt models for sale, on or under the tables.


Some important guidelines - please read carefully.

The way the Kitswap runs is that an initial £1 is taken from each person which allows putting in up to a maximum of 20 items per day and then a further 10% commission based on what is actually sold is taken from the final sale(s) tally. This goes towards the running costs of the show. The items can be a mixture of kits, books, magazines and decals. The number of items will be strictly enforced.


  • Any kits that are part started, damaged or have parts missing must be clearly marked as such.

  • Any decal sheets which are partly or damaged used must be clearly marked as such.

  • Any kits, decals, books or magazines which are not marked with initials will NOT be sold.

  • Any goods offered for sale through the Kitswap are offered on behalf of the seller and at the seller’s risk.

  • Any items offered for sale that are left unclaimed at the end of the show will become the property of the Scottish National Model Show and will be offered for sale at future Kit swaps.


Note: We cannot accommodate Traders within the Kitswap area.

There will hopefully be forms available on the day and it is up to the seller to ensure they are properly filled in and legible, these will also be circulated for those wishing to organise their stash clearance in the kitswap in advance of the show. The forms must have your full name, initials, brief description of items and your chosen price (please either round up or round down your prices to easily added amounts i.e. to the nearest pound or 50p otherwise it slows up the tallying process). The kit/decal sheet or whatever must have your initial and price on it also so we can identify your item and your price list, otherwise we would not know what belongs to who.

Every item on each list must be physically checked off against the actual items handed in, again this seems obvious, but mistakes can be made on both sides. Overall, keep it clear and make it simple and we will all enjoy the show even more.

While the Kitswap staff will exercise all reasonable care in their work, all sellers accept that any items unaccounted for at the end of the show were offered for sale at their risk and will not be the subject of any claims for reimbursement or compensation.

Point to consider for kitswap items:

  1. Have prices clearly marked on the items/s for sale.

  2. Have personal details and sheet item numbers clearly marked on the items/s for sale.

  3. If an item is too highly priced or at collector’s prices it probably won’t sell (Model shows are not collectors fairs).

  4. Consider the price you sell items for, consider what you feel is a fair price but modellers also like a bargain as you are probably well aware.

  5. You have to decide what price to put on an item for it to sell.


Forms are available to download in (.doc) or (.pdf) format.  

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